2015 Research Conference

The Real Estate Research Institute annual conference was held April 29-30, 2015. The conference was hosted by the Real Estate Center at DePaul University.

The annual RERI Real Estate Conference is held in the spring of each year to disseminate the results of the previous year's funded projects to the real estate and investment communities.

The event spans one to two days and includes presentations from some of the nation's top researchers, as well as panels and open discussions on topics of current industry interest.

Participants take home working papers on topics presented at the seminar and have the opportunity to network with many of the nation's leading investment managers, consultants, plan sponsors and academics.

The following research was funded in 2014 and was presented at the 2015 Research Conference:

Can Competition Improve Credit Ratings? Evidence from the CMBS Market
Sean J. Flynn
Andra C. Ghent

The Credit Availability Component of Commercial Real Estate Prices
Jonathan A. Wiley

Does Foreign Investment Affect US Office Real Estate Prices?
Anupam Nanda
Pat McCallister

Fundamental Drivers of Dependence in Real Estate Returns
Eva Steiner
Jamie Alcock

The Economic Foundations of Regional Real Estate Markets: An Equity Markets Approach
Marc W. Simpson

An Information-based Pricing Factor in International Commercial Real Estate Markets
Roland Fuess
Daniel Ruf

Impact of Large Investors in Distressed Housing Markets
Abdullah Yavas
Ronald Rutherford
Jessica Rutherford
Marc "Tim" Allen

Optimal Capital Structure and the Effects of Deviations from Target Leverage on REIT Return Performance
Emanuela Giacomini
David C. Ling
Andy Naranjo

Default Risk of Securitized Commercial Mortgages: Do Sustainability Property Features Matter?
Xudong An
Gary Pivo


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