Funded Research

The following research was funded in 2020 and will be presented at the 2021 Research Conference

Real Estate Portfolio Diversification across U.S. Gateway and Non-Gateway Markets
Martin Hoesli, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Louis Johner, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Does Size Matter: Institutional Investors and Commercial Real Estate
Dragana Cvijanovic, University of Warwick
Stanimira Milcheva, University College London
Alexander van de Minne, University of Connecticut

Are the Gateway Markets Overpriced?
Joseph Pagliari, University of Chicago

Climate Risk and Mortgage Delinquency
Rogier Holtermans, University of Guelph
Matthew E. Kahn, Johns Hopkins University
Nils Kok, Maastricht University

Local Information Diffusion and Commercial Real Estate Returns: Understanding the Productivity of a Firm's Asset Base
David C. Ling, University of Florida
Chongyu Wang, Concordia University
Tingyu Zhou, Florida State University

Conflicts of Interest in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Piet Eichholtz, Maastricht University
Rogier Holtermans, University of Guelph
Paulo Rodrigues, Maastricht University

Dis-Aggregating Urban Location and Commercial Real Estate Risk
Jeremy Gabe, University of Auckland
Spenser Robinson, Central Michigan University
Andy Krause, University of Washington
Andrew Sanderford, University of Arizona

 Underwriting Green Mortgage Backed Securities: Costs and Benefits
Avis Devine, York University
Meagan McCollum, University of Tulsa

Principal Writedowns and Strategic Default in CMBS
Sean J. Flynn, Jr., Colorado State University
Andra Ghent, University of NC-Chapel Hill
Alexei Tchistyi, University of Illinois-Urbana


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