Funded Research

The following research was funded in 2022 and will be presented at the 2023 Research Conference

Doing Well by Doing Good: Tenant Satisfaction in Healthy & Green Buildings
Nils Kok
Alexander Carlo
Piet Eichholtz

The Puzzle of Office Lease Renewal Decisions
Arka Prava Bandyopadhyay
Stephen Billings
Emily Gallagher

Climate Change Catastrophes? The Price Effects of Natural Peril Risks
Edward Pierzak
Yanling Mayer
Justin Brolley

The Economics of Agglomeration: Evidence from Grocery Stores
Franklin Qian
Qianyang Zhang
Xiang Zhang

Networks and Pension Fund Private Equity Real Estate Investment Performance
Da Li
Timothy Riddiough

Increasing the Transparency of Pricing Dynamics in the U.S. Commercial Real Estate Market with Interpretable Machine Learning Algorithms
Juergen Deppnera
Benedict von Ahlefeldt-Dehna
Eli Berachab
Wolfgang Schaefersa

The impact of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) attributes on the performance of listed real estate in Europe: A quantitative investigation
Michael McCord
Daniel Lo
Martin Haran

Creating a Green Building Ecosystem: The Impact of Local Sustainability Policies
Meagan McCollum
Stanimira Milcheva


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