Funded Research

2018 Research

The following research was funded in 2018 and will be presented at the 2019 Research Conference:

Private Equity Real Estate Funds: Returns, Risk Exposures, Persistence, and the Validity GP Reported Interim Results
Tom Arnold, David Ling, Andy Naranjo

Incentive Contracts, Risky Debt and Investment Returns: The Case of Institutional Investment in Private Equity Vehicles
Tim Riddiough, Joe Pagliari

Do More Expensive Properties Outperform? Capital Constraints and the Pricing of Indivisible Assets
Liang Peng

Investment Strategy, Vacancy and Cap Rates
David Downs, Eli Beracha, Greg MacKinnon

Risk Retention and Qualified Commercial Mortgages
Brent Ambrose, Sumit Agarwal, Yildiray Yildirim, Jian Zhang

Calibrating Permitting Data to Capital Expenditures Data: A Research Proposal
Jacob Sagi, Tomasz Piskorski

Mortgage REITs: Sector Dynamics and Performance Drivers
Eva Steiner

Hospital service quality and reputation: Potential spillovers into the local medical office rental market
Brent Smith, Allen Goodman

Distressed Loan Resolution in Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities
Sean Flynn, Andra Ghent, Alexei Tchistyi

The Option to Redevelop Real Estate & Zoning Restrictions Over Space and Time (DISSERTATION)
David Leather


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