March 02, 2015

Special Research Project RFP

The Real Estate Research Institute annual conference is being held April 29-30, 2015. The conference is being hosted by the Real Estate Center at DePaul University. The event spans one to two days and includes presentations from some of the nation's top researchers, as well as panels and open discussions on topics of current industry interest. Participants take home working papers on topics presented at the seminar and have the opportunity to network with many of the nation's leading investment managers, consultants, plan sponsors and academics. Click here for more information.

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CBRE Econometric Advisors (CBRE EA), as part of CBRE’s global research platform, provides commercial real estate research and forecasting products to clients. Our products and services cover the U.S. and a constantly expanding selection of global regions, as well as all spheres of the real estate market, including public, private, debt and equity.

Econometric Advisors is the industry leader in the field of commercial real estate analysis and forecasting. CBRE EA provides unrivaled, insightful analysis and opinions based on its highly academic approach, its twenty-five years of experience and its access to deal-specific information from its parent company, CBRE, Inc. CBRE Econometric Advisors has earned international recognition with its highly rigorous and reliable forecasting models, a proven record of accomplishment, and sophisticated analytical expertise.

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Are Non-Traditional Property Types Real Estate?

The Real Estate Research Institute (RERI) invites proposals for research projects addressing the question: Are non-traditional property types “real estate” and what are their characteristics? The characteristics in question include the risk and return properties of non-traditional property types, the correlations of their returns with traditional property types and other asset classes, and other potentially important aspects of these asset for investors. Non-traditional property types include self-storage, senior housing, student housing, medical office, data centers, billboards, lab space, cell towers, prisons, etc. Proposals may consider either US or non-US property markets (or both).


The Real Estate Research Institute (RERI) seeks proposals for funding of research to be undertaken in 2015. RERI is a non-profit organization created to stimulate high-quality research on real estate investment performance and market fundamentals that will elevate the quality of real estate investment decision making. Through its research funding, RERI also aims to encourage and support developing real estate researchers among junior faculty and graduate students.

Deadline for receipt of proposals to RERI is February 2, 2015 midnight, EST.

Proposals and information requests should be emailed to


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