November 29, 2015

Research Papers Now Available

2016 Request for Research Proposals

2016 RERI Annual Conference

May 10-11 Chicago, IL

The following papers were presented at the 2015 RERI Conference, April 29-30 at DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

Can Competition Improve Credit Ratings? Evidence from the CMBS Market

The Credit Availability Component of Commercial Real Estate Prices

Does Foreign Investment Affect US Office Real Estate Prices?

Fundamental Drivers of Dependence in Real Estate Returns

The Economic Foundations of Regional Real Estate Markets: An Equity Markets Approach

An Information-based Pricing Factor in International Commercial Real Estate Markets

Impact of Large Investors in Distressed Housing Markets

Optimal Capital Structure and the Effects of Deviations from Target Leverage on REIT Return Performance

Default Risk of Securitized Commercial Mortgages: Do Sustainability Property Features Matter?/p>

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Proposal submission deadline: January 18, 2016

The Real Estate Research Institute (RERI) seeks proposals for funding of research to be undertaken in 2016. RERI is a non-profit organization created to stimulate high-quality research on real estate as an asset class, real estate investment performance and market fundamentals that will elevate the quality of real estate investment decision making. Through its research funding, RERI also aims to encourage and support developing real estate researchers among junior faculty and graduate students.

Dissertations, post-dissertation research and research proposals by non-tenured faculty are welcome and will receive special consideration. Projects involving researchers from different disciplines also are welcome.

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